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Two major things

1: I joined jerkfacebook the other day. I did this solely to facilitate the second thing.
2: I contacted my brother. It's been ten years since I cut his father out of my life. I'm finding it hard to explain to him what happened without being honest about how terrible his father was to me and to my mother. He just asked for details...

Also, thanks to xmas and my birthday, I have a ludicrous amount of portable electronics. Please don't steal my purse or my makeshift laptop bag.

Gadgetz. I haz them.

I will cut you

Is I Love Katamari crashing on anyone else in the last level? So obnoxious. Also, my iphone (Santa loves me) is a light saber. Watch it!

Rejection - Not just for piercings!

So...I have this dog bite on my ankle that has been sloooowly healing for almost two months. It was about an inch long and pretty deep. Deep enough that it had to be held closed at all times. It took ages to get the the sides to touch so it could finally heal all the way. For about a week, there's been a strange little hole right below the fresh scar. This hole would occasionally ooze a little, typically after a shower. No real signs of infection or anything. I was just messing with it a little because I rubbed my other foot against it and guess what came out of that strange little hole. A piece of grass. Bright green. Saint Augustine to be specific. I pulled a piece of grass out of my ankle. Um...I guess my body has been working pretty hard at pushing out that piece of foliage. I thought I did a good job of cleaning the wound, but clearly, I did not. Grass. Perhaps it will finally finish healing.


I can't wait to weird the boy out with my little souvenir.

Random + Helpful

Has anyone tried this? I have a gajillion things stained by nosebleeds and I think I might now have the solution. Perhaps?

Q: A bloody nose left a stain on my son's mattress; can the stain be removed?

A: Put hydrogen peroxide on the stain, then sprinkle with unseasoned meat tenderizer. The meat tenderizer dissolves and digests the proteins in the blood. Blot the area with cold water after the stain is removed.


It's been a while. This is the first time I've read el jay in quite some time. All this free time and no posts. I'm not sure why, either. Well, Pokémon and Guitar Hero do provide excellent distractions. The boy (one year, ftw) does, too.

Sorry for going missing and ignoring everyone.

Nothing else has really been going on, other than looking for a decent job. Yeah, that's a blast.

Oh, I did get off of my meds. They helped me when I really needed them, but I became so complacent and stuck in my shadow of a life. I used The Road Back as my guide and it was a great help. I didn't follow it exactly, but it really did make a huge difference in how I felt during withdrawal from Effexor and Topamax. I'm confident that this is the right choice and I know that I have to be really careful about dealing with any changes in my mental state. I'm not alone in this anymore, so I think I'll be ok.

About Pokémon, are any of you playing Diamond or Pearl? Give me your friend code and I'll give you mine. Battling and flag-stealing will ensue! Also, trading. I know I'm not the only person over the age of 12 to get hooked on this.

Engagement Question

Hold up on the congrats or whatever, because we're not there yet. We're just talking about the rings because we're both kinda clueless about where to turn. I'm not into diamonds, so 98 percent of all the advice available doesn't seem to apply. I'm thinking a pearl or sapphire in white gold, platinum or even steel.

Basically, I'd like some input from those in the know on:

  • Reputable jewelers around Dallas or online
  • Getting jewelry custom-made from an artist or jeweler
  • What is the deal with "ring sets" and do I really need an engagement ring and wedding band?
Thanks in advance, from both of us, for any insight offered here.

Does anyone else find wedding magazines a little frightening?

No Joke

Well, I'm free from Komen now. The manager that was torturing me for over a year was finally able to fire me today. I'm furious, but I'm trying to focus on the upside. It's hard right now because I really cared about everything I put into my job and my co-workers. Eleven days short of my fourth year of being a full-time employee. Bastards. That HR department did nothing real to help me while I went through everything.

On to better things, even if it's just not dreading going to work every morning.

It's not the end

Checking in

Work and life have kept me away from eljay land. Work is at an impasse. Life is very good. Mr. Man and I are doing well. <3 I'm trying to battle through some mysterious bug that has me coughing, running a fever, and blowing through boxes of tissues. That really sucks and I hope my doc can get me in tomorrow morning.

I'm still trying to catch up on everything I've missed while I was away. It looks as if that might take a little while.

Worked to Death

Worked to Death, originally uploaded by la_bitessa.

This photo is really tiny, but it's all I have to show for my costume, so...here you go. :D

There's a second, closer shot if you click through to my flickr page. I actually did an awesome job on the makeup, but it doesn't come across very well in the photos. People were scared and startled all day. heh

I lost the office constest to a girl dressed up as a banana. Grrrrr... Office zombie mad...